VET FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme to help students pay for all or part of their tuition fees. It is available for Diploma level qualifications and above.

Inspiritive is an approved VET FEE-HELP provider for the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Please note that from 2016, VET FEE-HELP rules have changed significantly and we have a strictly limited number of places available.


To be eligible for the Institute’s VET FEE-HELP you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder (resident in Australia for the duration of the course)
  • Be a full fee-paying student studying the Graduate Certificate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Have not exceeded the FEE-HELP limit ($97,728 in 2015)
  • Have a tax file number or a certificate of application

How does it work?

Students are able to defer the full cost of their course on VET FEE-HELP, and do not have to repay the loan until they begin earning an income above the repayment threshold. The minimum repayment threshold for compulsory repayment is adjusted each year. In the 2014-15 income year, you will be required to make a compulsory repayment if your income is $53,345 or above.

There is a lifetime limit to funding known as the FEE HELP limit/balance, meaning as long as the student has not reached their limit in HELP loans (or HECS) then they are eligible. In 2015, the FEE-HELP limit is $97,728.

There is a 20% fee applicable to the loan, which can be included in the debt.

More information

How to apply

Call us on 07 3613 0063 to find out how you can get started in the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with VET FEE-HELP assistance.