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Creating Therapeutic Change – Richard Bandler in April 1989

21 May 09
Daniel Smith
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In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, “the techniques are an outgrowth of a technology that is about asking questions.”

I just came across a set of classic Richard Bandler videos. 11-and-a-half-hours of Richard actually, recorded in a training with NLP Comprehensive in Colorado. With an array of topics covering layering responses, propulsion systems, attitudes, perceptual grids, nonverbal amplifications, playing with problems and weaving complexes, I really appreciate Bandler’s insights and the sheer entertainment value of his style.

One of the things that always stands out to me when I spend time watching or listening to Richard is the deep similarities to John Grinder. It’s easy to get lost in the wonderful techniques, but despite their overt differences, Bandler and Grinder’s approach and focus on the underlying technology rather than the superficial techniques is remarkably similar.