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Excellence: Do you just go there or do you live there?

15 Sep 10
Daniel Smith
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Over dinner with an Aikido Master last week, discussions lubricated with plenty of Tsingtao and sake turned to the founder of Aikido. Morihei Ueshiba, known as O’Sensei, developed Aikido through last century, as much a philosophy as a martial art that has experienced spectacular success around the world. And yet it was noted that none of the students of O’Sensei’ have come close to surpassing the founder.

Some suggest that subsequent generations will be led by those biased against students who might surpass them, and that the ‘next great leader’ will only arise when the talent of the leaders is so corrupted that they don’t even recognize superior talent. But let’s hope not.

Besides, I was curious as to what was so special about O’Sensei, rather than the excuses.

One of the observations made by this master was that at some point, O’Sensei had become “enlightened”. While somewhat cliched, it occurred to me that perhaps one difference was that whereas other Masters might gain access to a powerful state of being, O’Sensei lived there.

I noticed something similar while I was in Brighton last month. There were Trainers, Trainer Assistants, and Trainer Candidates who had access to NLP techniques, methods and strategies. But there were a precious few who lived NLP. Who didn’t “do” NLP sometimes and live ‘normally’ the rest of the time, but who just experienced NLP as they lived their life.

Perhaps this is similar to the “personal congruence” that John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair so actively promote the New Code of NLP.