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NLP Trainer, Daniel Smith

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Daniel Smith is the founder of Leading NLP.

Daniel is a multi-Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of New Code NLP, and experienced coach. He has trained with the major figures in the NLP world today including Dr John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Anthony Robbins.

Certified as a Trainer of NLP by both the Co-Founders of NLP, Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Daniel is one of the top Certified Trainers of New Code NLP and continues to train extensively directly with Dr John Grinder across Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Daniel was honoured to be personally selected by Dr Grinder and Carmen Bostic to Co-Deliver New Code NLP Practitioner Certification training in 2013.

Daniel is also one of the few individuals approved to deliver and award the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Dr Grinder has said that this training “represents the finest in training available anywhere at present in the world.”

Beyond NLP, Daniel completed five university degrees, including psychology, law and an MBA, after starting his first company at the age of 20. Brisbane born and bred, Daniel is married and with two young sons, he has been training in martial arts since 1993, holding 4th degree black belts in Karate from Malcolm Anderson and Bob Jones, and a black belt in Aikido from Philip Lee Shihan.

Daniel delivers Certification trainings at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and New Code levels, and the Graduate Certificate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in conjunction with Inspiritive.

I’m not sure whether you are an experienced NLPer or totally new to the field, but I’m sure that we can learn a lot together.

NLP provides you with a way of exploring and expanding your subjective experience… like an instruction manual for your mind.

I love seeing people that train with me feel that they can be at their best more, and enjoy the feeling of their best getting even better. Incorporating the latest in New Code NLP, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the very best world-class training experiences close to home.

Why train with Daniel Smith?

  • Trained with the ‘best in the world’: Certified as a Trainer of NLP by both Co-founders, Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler, and advanced trainings with the leading developers and authorities including Anthony Robbins and Robert Dilts
  • Personally selected by Co-Founder of NLP, Dr John Grinder, to Co-Deliver New Code NLP Practitioner training
  • Academic rigor and precision, with three Bachelor and two Masters degrees
  • Extensive coaching and training experiences in China and around the world
  • Focused on generative change: Training you to be independent so you can create the results yourself
  • Advanced experiences in helping you work with your unconscious mind to achieve inner alignment and congruence
  • Enjoy creating change without going through interpretation and misinterpretation by working “Content Free”
  • Elegant simplicity: Learn the core skills of pure NLP rather than just an endless array of superficially different techniques

Testimonials and Endorsements

(Some of these come from the public endorsements on Daniel’s LinkedIn profile)

“Daniel combines a broad knowledge of NLP, leadership training skills (for which he also uses insights from his law school education), psychology with a totally open approach towards the success of his clients. His target orientation and out of the box thinking is outstanding, acknowledging that each individual is different.
I compared all he teaches with what I read from and was personally taught by Gunther Schmidt (the German hypnosystemic guru, who personally also learned from Milton Erickson) and never found any contradiction in approach, just different ways to explore and enrich the changework.
I am glad that I could learn from Dan and model his way. It was life changing for me. Thanks a lot Dan” June 10, 2013.
Christian Lechner, MBA LLM MA, President at PMG Shanghai Fengxian Co., Ltd.
(attendee at NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner 2012-2013)

“I recently attended NLP executive practitioner session conducted by Daniel. I was highly impressed with his in-depth knowledge of NLP, diverse experience and rich educational background. Daniel is great speaker and excellent facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed the session which was great mix of theory and practice sessions. It was a great learning session in those few days which I couldn’t have accomplished in an entire year. I am sure that I will cherish the learnings and my association with Daniel in coming years.
I think Daniel has immense scope to add value not only to individuals but also to organizations/teams operating in multicultural environment within China. I would highly recommend Daniel as trainer and coach to anyone who is interested in self/team development!!” September 8, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Vidhu Sharma, Senior Director (HR & OD) at Diebold
(attendee at Executive Practitioner, August 2011, and Master Practitioner 2013)

“Having been delighted to attend the NLP Practitioner training with Dan, it is easy to recommend his training to others. That he makes extremely sophisticated subjects accessible to everybody in our multicultural group highlights the depth of his understanding and his passion for his work. I look forward to exploring even more with Dan in the future” February 28, 2014.
Karsten Schmidt, Executive Director; Senior Consultant, Trainer & Coach at HCH Consulting/KommS
(attendee at NLP Practitioner 2012)

“I have had the pleasure to work with Daniel as both a business partner and as a student. I joined Daniel’s first NLP Practitioner certification years ago and have joined many of his training since then, he has evolved from being a Master Practitioner to a peerless NLP Trainer in the many years between.

As a business partner Dan is dedicated to his work projects and providing the very best overall service to trainees and sponsor companies. Dan is easy to work with and professional in all aspects of providing training and client services.” March 10, 2014.
John Dorris, Founding Associate at Sino Associates Global
(attendee at NLP Practitioner 2008 and events as recently as 2013)

“I had a single outcome for my time in the Practitioner’s Course with Dan. I wanted to learn and demonstrate mastery in the foundational change work tools of NLP so that I could turn around and make an impact on the lives around me…quickly. Of course the GROW model et. al. are fantastic frameworks for change, but because of my “youth,” I needed a differentiating edge to launch me beyond the traditional tools in coaching.

Just two short months after my Practitioner’s training I was able to provide my clients powerful outcomes such as, the mending of broken relationships, new found power over alcohol abuse, confidence for interviewing given refined interview strategies and high quality state anchors, and well formed strategies for relationships and health.

Let it be known that all of this recent success is a direct result of the training I received from Dan, and I’m confident in his ability to assist anyone replicate and surpass these results. We can all muddle through this alone and figure it out over the course of several years, or we can sit with Dan for a couple of weekends…If you’re smart the training can practically pay for itself, so do yourself a favor and join the growing population of practitioners here in Shanghai.” March 3, 2014.
Aaron Wallace, Fudan UNC-System Liaison
(attendee at Practitioner in 2013-2014)

“I employed Daniel services as a Coach to help me with my progression and development (on both professional and personal level). The Return on Investment has been phenomenal. He has and is still really opening my eyes and mind. He has lead me to amazing insights and experiences.” February 28, 2014.
Adrian Cahill, Investor/ Traveler/ Consultant/ Coach
(Coached in 2013-2014)

“Daniel is a highly professional NLP trainer with long standing experience and a great attention to details. His tranings are highly recommendable and a great opportunity to explore NLP, strengthen own decision making processes and making the best of your skills professionally and personally.” June 13, 2013.
Florian Hinz, Senior Consultant at EAC
(attendee at NLP Practitioner, 2012)

“Daniel is a very sensitive and creative trainer. His teaching methods and style are very energetic and inspiring. Daniel’s NLP knowledge is profound. When passing on knowledge he is always at eye level. He values the opinions, thoughts and ideas of the group and does incorporate them into the curriculum. The result is a workshop atmosphere which bridges the gap between theory and practice and encourages people to participate more actively. I am looking forward to work with him again.” August 14, 2013.
Markus Brueck Export Director at HERR Industry System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
(attendee at NLP Practitioner, 2012)

“The whole landscape of cognitive science and applied communication is vastly more sophisticated today than it was 40 years ago, in the formative years of NLP, and the same ideas that were once cutting-edge will now find their way in coffee shop chitchat. If the field is to stay relevant, it has to keep abreast of whatever new knowledge is out there while also returning endlessly to its founding principles and distinctive outlook — only thus will it avoid becoming a dated bag of tricks. Daniel Smith, who has trained extensively with both Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and is especially keen on the latter’s New Code, shows just such openness and dedication. As such, he belongs to the best of a new generation of NLP practitioners and trainers that may well keep NLP alive beyond its current actuality.” June 7, 2013.
François Bédard, translator and interpreter
(attendee at NLP Practitioner)

“During a NLP Practitioners Training in Shanghai, I have found Daniel a great & inspiring trainer.
He has the rare ability to make you learn & grow without installing himself as a classical teacher, allowing you to learn from his relevant experience, storytelling and triggering you to reflect on your own personal experience. He is enthusiastic, has a positive attitude and practical, elevating the training beyond theory.”
 August 19, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Maarten Lampe, HR Project Manager China at Starbucks Coffee Company
(attendee at NLP Practitioner)

I like the exercises and practices as they let me experience for myself what each topic meant. (The training) helps me keep reminding myself to view things and events from different perspectives, helps me realize I need to use much more of my sensory systems (and) can help one discover one’s only weaknesses.
Desmond Chan, General Manager, Caterpillar (China)
(attendee at Executive Practitioner, August 2011)

“This NLP training performed by Dan was the best training (‘not one of the best’) I have ever attended. The NLP techniques and exercises enable me to look people and events from different perspectives. I enjoyed the whole 5 days training with the classmates. And I have equipped myself with more ‘weapons’ for my career and even for my life now.”
Victor Yan, CFO, Haas Automation Asia Co.,Ltd
(attendee at Executive Practitioner, August 2011)

“As an experienced professional speaker and trainer, I was deeply impressed when I first met Daniel around 2004. I enjoyed mentoring him over the first couple of years, including inviting him as a co-facilitator for my corporate clients. Since then, I’ve watched his success and competence continue to skyrocket. This past summer, I joined his NLP certification program; his approach, style and treatment of the course content was masterful; it is easy for me to highly recommend Daniel.” January 16, 2010
Mario Cavolo, CEO, KBC China Shanghai Ltd.
(attendee at bespoke Practitioner 2009 and other trainings since)

“Daniel Smith was previously trained in the classic code of NLP before we met at Inspiritive’s (New Code) NLP Trainers training program in 2008. Daniel’s excellent performance on that program is a credit to his discipline and commitment to mastering the fundamental patterns that constitute the basis of both codes of NLP. This is no trival task as trainers of NLP need to have a thorough experiential foundation in the patterning NLP on which to develop a rich conceptual understanding of the field. In January and Feburary 2010 Dan undertook and successfully completed the post-graduate qualification in NLP, the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Once again he did exceptionally well. He had the added benefit of experiencing the program through the eyes of a trainer.

I recommend Daniel as a consultant and NLP trainer of the New Code and look forward to continuing to hear wonderful feedback about his work from other trainers and students of NLP. Daniel is one of the few NLP trainers in whom I have confidence in their ability to teach the Grad Cert NLP program.” May 28, 2010
Chris Collingwood, Director, Inspiritive Pty Ltd

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