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How can I close the deal?

01 Mar 12
Daniel Smith
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One of my participants recently asked me:

One of the challenges I’m having is in the area of closing in business… how does (present) a context that is comfortable and not overly aggressive¬†(but that still gets the deal done)?

And it is a challenge for many people. What do you think?

You might try putting yourself in their shoes.¬†Deeply connect with everything you can about them – their mannerisms, their attitudes, their style of thinking, even their posture as they are distorting your proposal. Then step back and ask yourself, “If I was , what would have to happen in order for me to ?”

There are likely to be emotional and rational issues to consider; Reasons to act and reasons not to act. This could help you better frame your proposal, respond to their concerns and position yourself regarding the key issues.

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