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Should I train in NLP? Can’t I just read books?

28 Jul 09
Daniel Smith
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Training courses can be expensive. They can cost a lot more to attend than buying a book on the same subject. Earlier today, was asked, “What is the difference?”

And it’s a good question to ask. A book costs a lot less than a training course – and is far more convenient to read – so if you could get the same thing from a book, it would be a much more convenient way to learn. So why do we teach our children in schools and our corporations through training courses when we could just give them books to read? Anyway, I gave an answer like this:

When I was younger, I read books about martial arts. I looked at the pictures and ran through in my mind the exercises and explanations. And it looked really cool! It got me excited and interested so I kept reading.

One day, my parents allowed me to start martial arts training. It was the same – and yet totally different. While I already knew in theory much of what we were learning, training in a class with other people like me meant that I learnt much more than ever before. I realized that I didn’t really know as much as I thought that I did. And I had the experience of really learning. If I had kept reading books, I could become very knowledgeable, but I could never have become a Master.

The same thing happened when I learnt Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Back in early 1996, I read Unlimited Power andFrogs into Princes and thought that I knew something about NLP. But then I took some formal training was totally blown away!

If you want to learn about a topic, reading books is great. If you want to develop some serious skill, you will want to find the right context for your to explore, experience and expand yourself in ways that you might have never realized possible.

We will cover many things that you have probably read about before. We will also spend about half the training specifically focused on New Code – have you read the two books on that subject, Turtles or Whispering? We will also channel our application of the techniques and methods to a coaching context.

Maybe it’s time that you took some further training in NLP. That you’re asking about this suggests that you think that you could benefit. If so, we look forward to having you join us.

China NLP offers regular sessions promoting NLP. But don’t stop here. China NLP sessions are generally informal and relatively amateur.

If you are interested in undertaking more formal training – such as that leading to Practitioner, Master Practitioner or even Trainer, please let us know and we’ll try to point you in the best direction for you.