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Strategies of Genius – article by Robert Dilts

29 Aug 08
Daniel Smith
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All of us at various points in our lives behave and respond masterfully. However, many of these unique and rewarding instances seen to be a function of our level of inspiration. mood, number of hours of sleep, etc. and are not available to us at will. NLP has developed many tools an skills to help capture and apply the processes behind these seemingly “magical” moments more consciously and systematically.

“Modeling” is the process of taking a complex event or series of events and breaking it into small enough chunks that it can be repeated in a manageable way. These pieces can be organized into step-by-step strategies or programs that anyone can learn. Through NLP, for example, the thinking processes of geniuses such as Albert Einstein. Walt Disney, Sigmund Freud, Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Aristotle and others can be generalized and applied to health. Educates and organizational dynamics.

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