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We are pleased to bring you the finest professional-grade training and experiences in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our trainings are nationally accredited as the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and led in intensive sessions by some of the best trainers from Australia and across the region.


Leading NLP was created to bring the finest NLP in the world to Brisbane. We partner with Inspiritive (an Australian RTO) to deliver the Graduate Certificate in NLP. You can register your place by following the link below.


If you’re after coaching or consulting with one of our team of skilled and experienced professionals, we have a number of options for you to consider.

Training fees

Just as a University can’t offer discounts, we can’t artificially inflate the value of our training. To make it more affordable for you, we have had our training registered for VET FEE-HELP so you can defer all the upfront costs of the course.


Each year we offer a select array of intensive experiences, each specifically designed to lead you and a small group of people like yourself to a higher level.

Some of our recent posts

Having been studying NLP since 1996 and working with it since 1998, I have seen some developments. Some developments are truly innovative, while others represent a renaissance, a rediscovery of great ideas that had been lost. We hope these posts are of interest to you.


With the recent changes to VET-FEE-HELP, we are strictl

04 Mar 16 Daniel Smith
From https://www.xsens.com/products/xsens-mvn/

Calibration, Sensory Acuity and Lie Detection

It’s really hard to tell whether someone is lying

07 Jan 15 Daniel Smith

Can I defer the training fees?

Taking professional standard NLP training is a serious

21 May 14 Daniel Smith

Dates for 2014 Brisbane training released

Next event: Experience NLP Fundamentals in Brisbane 6-1

08 Jan 14 Daniel Smith

Well-Formed Outcomes: Getting Beyond SMART!

New Year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how f

31 Dec 13 Daniel Smith

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your interest in China NLP. We have been

24 Dec 13 Daniel Smith

NLP for increasing your Influence Quotient

Last Friday a small group of us were exploring how NLP

25 Mar 13 Daniel Smith

Making Couples Happy :)

Last night I stumbled across the ABC television show, 

22 Feb 13 Daniel Smith

Vale Frank Farrelly, author of Provocative Therapy

Fed up with uncooperative patients, Frank Farrelly deve

12 Feb 13 Daniel Smith

From balls into cats

Free yourself: Your job is to convert people from balls

18 Jan 13 Daniel Smith

Respect their Model of the World

My son politely asked me to feed him. Being very adorab

11 Jan 13 Daniel Smith

Happy New Year!

You probably have your own way of bringing in the new y

01 Jan 13 Daniel Smith

Success through NLP using Points of View

While NLP can be used to achieve many things, sometimes

25 Jun 12 Daniel Smith

How can I close the deal?

One of my participants recently asked me: One of the ch

01 Mar 12 Daniel Smith

How are you? How do you feel? How do you want to feel? How do you want to be?

We are training our son to sleep in his own bed at the

14 Jan 12 Daniel Smith

Getting what you want

Earlier this week, I was asked whether I could share a

20 Dec 11 Daniel Smith

Conversational Reimprinting

Earlier today I was speaking with a woman about a conve

07 Dec 11 Daniel Smith

When goals can fail you: Pursuing purpose above profit

Satisfaction depends not merely on having goals, but on

17 Nov 11 Daniel Smith

Cocktail Party effect

With a sea of information around us, it’s importa

31 Oct 11 Daniel Smith

What Went Well – and Why?

One of the exercises from Flourish is something that Se

15 Oct 11 Daniel Smith

Flourishing: Positive Psychology, Well-Being Theory and NLP

What do we want? What do you want? Happiness? Success?

06 Oct 11 Daniel Smith

Recoded Neurological Levels: The How and Why Model

Many trained in New Code NLP are interested in recoding

30 May 11 Daniel Smith

禪/ 禅/ The Zen of NLP?

The other night, after the best part of a pitcher of a

09 May 11 Daniel Smith

New Code Games

Being “in the zone” can be an incredible fe

24 Apr 11 Daniel Smith

A guide to choosing an NLP Trainers’ Training

The first big step into NLP for most of us is our NLP P

30 Mar 11 Daniel Smith

What is your Learning Rate Determining Step?

Just over a month ago, I had my first piano lesson. It

18 Mar 11 Daniel Smith

Iconoclast: What does it take to be extraordinary?

In the pursuit of excellence and freedom, there are a f

01 Feb 11 Daniel Smith

How would a chicken act?

“Hypnosis doesn’t exist. I bet you can̵

07 Nov 10 Daniel Smith

Faking it really works!

Why is it that sometimes you can feel powerful, confide

28 Sep 10 Daniel Smith

Excellence: Do you just go there or do you live there?

Over dinner with an Aikido Master last week, discussion

15 Sep 10 Daniel Smith

Who says the earth revolves around the sun?

On The Genius Project, I wrote the following: In the pa

19 Apr 10 Daniel Smith

Types of NLP training

A few years ago, I completed an MBA. It was hard work b

12 Jan 10 Daniel Smith

Alec Baldwin’s film career is a failure

Alec Baldwin is a well-known actor. Many would consider

01 Dec 09 Daniel Smith

Richard Bandler’s Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning

One of the first things that stands out to me as I watc

24 Aug 09 Daniel Smith

What is New Code?

I’ve had a few people asking me, “What is N

06 Aug 09 Daniel Smith

Should I train in NLP? Can’t I just read books?

Training courses can be expensive. They can cost a lot

28 Jul 09 Daniel Smith

What is New Code?

It was great to have Elsie and Marc able to attend the

31 May 09 Daniel Smith

Creating Therapeutic Change – Richard Bandler in April 1989

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, “the techniques

21 May 09 Daniel Smith

The Art of Reframing

Last weekend I was speaking about Reframing – esp

10 Sep 08 Daniel Smith

Strategies of Genius – article by Robert Dilts

All of us at various points in our lives behave and res

29 Aug 08 Daniel Smith